Recension Ur/Review: "Beatles Fans Unite International Fan Club" - Magazine, March/April 2001, Illinois, USA.

CD: Ulf Lindeberg
"Sings The Beatles/Lennon & More"

Singer/Songwriter, Ulf Lindeberg of Sweden, `gifted´ me with a copy of his own original CD, "Ulf Lindeberg Sings The Beatles/Lennon & More".

Ulfs voice is beautiful, so melodic, as he sings on such famous Beatles tunes as, "Nowhere Man", "Run For Your Life", "Not A Second Time", and many more. As Ulf said, "I´ve studied the original music quite close, without sheet music. I´ve also added some tone/notes in the guitar solos, harmonies, and I also try to sing the way John wanted to sing. (like the `bridge´-choir on "Girl"). I do not try to sound like John, because John is always John."

Ulf also included on the CD three of his own songs, "In Your Eyes", "Going Downtown" & "Bad Luck", which are exceptional numbers, as well. It is easy to see that Ulf has pure talent for music and composing.Ulfs background includes working in theatre and musicals around Sweden and in southern Europe and has good relationship with EMI in Sweden. He does a lot of radio-programs, and writes reviews, mostly on Beatles-related releases.Ulf composed the album as a tribute to the great John Lennon. His own composition, "Bad Luck", reflects the summer floods in Torpshammar and his hope to save the little village where he resides.Ulf deserves a lot of credit for this lovely tribute, (I know I will be playing it often), and our hope is to spread the word on his efforts. If you know of a radio station in your area that would be interested in Ulf´s work, you can contact him at: or visit his website at: (now) Please let Ulf know where you hear about him. My sincere thanks to Ulf for this wonderful CD!

Maureen Lowry, President. Rich Lowry, V.P.