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In Production/For release

Released: May 2006
"Anna Lee", the Radio-recording is released on a compilation-CD.

August 2005
"Moving On", is being recorded with Kenneth Jonsson on guitar, for release...

April 2005
"Big Cold Bottle Of Beer"
(50's "Jerry Lee Lewis"-influenced rock`n´roll-song)
On CD-release November 2004, with The Nightdrivers, on a Dutch label.
Polar Internet Radio
"TOP 10 Rocklist-(an)"
For 6 months!

Nov. 2004
50 new recordings/remixes on the site.......

A lot more mp3's to come, shortly!
NEW recordings, new Logic-mixes, on a lot of songs!

Sep. 2004
"Big Cold Bottle Of Beer"
(50's "Jerry Lee Lewis"-influenced rock`n´roll)

...with The Nightdrivers.



March. 2005
"Backseat Girl"
"Jag Vill"

Feb. 2005
"Our Weddingday"

Dec. 2004
"Come On And Dance"
"Somebody's Hobbey"
"Get A Grip"
"Northern Cry Of Delight"
"Anna Lee"

På "Svensk-toppen"

"Ge Mig En Chans",
inspelad av Black Jack låg på "Svensk-toppen" några veckor i Maj 2002.