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New CD-Singel!

Release: November 2006!
"Pop`n´Roll`n´Country-Blues" ?

A few Gigs!

...coming week!
... a few Pictures, here...!)

Produced/presented by Ulf Lindeberg

Next program: 4 April.
The Doors: "40th Anniversary"
Greatest Hits
the 6 original albums re-mixed, with bonus-tracks!
On 25th October: Interview with Albert Lee, his carrier and new album.

A 1-hour-program of Ulf's interview with John Fogerty will be transmitted around Christmas on Swedish Radio P4. (nationally)

On 19th July:
About John Fogerty, my interview with him, the consert in Sundsvall and his new DVD!

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You can soon listen to the programs whenever you want on Swedish Radio Jämtland's website!

(on Swedish Radio Jämtland)

New albums with:
LeAnn Rimes, Johnny Cash,
Gram Parsons (box with Complete Reprise-recordings) plus DVD.

("Performer of The Month"...)
...MARCH 2005
Still on the air!
"Anna Lee", "Northern Cry Of Delight"
"Moving On"
(Lyrics/Music: Ulf Lindeberg)

"Anna Lee" is released by the radio-station on a collection-album.

New Singel!

"Anna Lee"
"Somebody's Lover"

With guestguitarists:
Johnny Malmström
Tommy Bengtsson
Mikael Backe

During 2007

Album with c:a 14
Ulf Lindeberg-songs
Under recording in "Varg-studion" or the Woulf-studio, in Boda! City

Songs to choose from:

"Northern Cry Of Delight",
"Anna Lee",
"Moving On",
"Silicone Valley",
"True Lies For Love",
"Somebody's Hobbey",
"Come On And Dance",
"Sittin' On The Bench",
"Truth For You",
"Behind The Walls",
"If It's Gonna Be Alright",
"When The Sky Falls",
"What You Wanted To Do"
"Why Not Now"
"Some Crazy Love"
"Backseat Girl"
"Our Weddingday"
"Book With 2000 Pages"
"Happies Now"
"Like A Hurricane"
"Heeby Jeebies"
m. fl.

Some will come and some will go.......




Helping Kenneth Jonsson,
making a Promo-record.

Promoting his guitar-playing in England etc.

Using a few of Ulf Lindeberg's songs, including "Moving On",
recorded at his Woulf-studio i Torpshammar.
With Ulf singing and playing most of the instruments...
...with a few guest-instrumentalists.

Should be ready jan. 2006.