"Short" history about Ulf Lindeberg from Boda City, Torpshammar, Northern Country, Sweden, The World.

Singer and musician, from trubadour to actor.

And songwriter. With his own music-company. WOULF MUSIC, for publishing and recordcompany, but also administrating gigs/performances, and studio. Where Ulf records his and others songs, and some repertoar for his gigs.
Even used for education, instrumental-pupils, and for radio-productiions...!

Have been a member of different bands, during the years, singing and playing different instruments, but is now usually working alone.

Went to music-schools, for a few years, worked as a singer/actor in a couple of theatre/music/musical/shows, some around the neighbourhood, but mostly at places like Härnösand, Visby, Stockholm and Sourthern Europe.

Have had several Publishing/record-contracts and offerings.

With songs on different topplists. like "Svensk-toppen", 2002.