CD: Ulf Lindeberg:
"Sings The Beatles/Lennon & More" (2000)

Låtar/Songs: Listen(yellow)

1. "NOWHERE MAN" (2:41)
2. "I CALL YOUR NAME" (2:01)
3. "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" (2:13)
4. "IT WON´T BE LONG" (2:11)
5. "IN YOUR EYES" (3:01)
6. "ANY TIME AT ALL" (2:13)
7. "YOU CAN´T DO THAT" (2:32)
8. "GIRL" (2:31)
10. "NOT A SECOND TIME" (1:58)
11. "GOING DOWNTOWN" (2:49)
12. "ALL I´VE GOT TO DO" (1:59)
13. "HELP!" (2:19)
14. "BAD LUCK" (3:18)

15. "RAIN" (0:08)

All titles written by Lennon/McCartney
and published by Northern Songs,
except 6, 11, 14, och 16, written by Ulf Lindeberg
and published by Woulf Music.

This year, John Lennon should have been 60. This will be my personal celebration(my personal tribute to), for him and the rest of the Beatles. But why the title `The Beatles/Lennon´, when every song they wrote during The Beatles´ era were credited to both Lennon and McCartney. That was an early agreement between the two. That doesn´t mean they wrote every song together, sitting in front of each other with an acoustic guitar. Of cause they did, but the most usual way of contributing with a new song for the group were that one of them had an idea or already written most of the song before the other collaborator helped finishing it off. The 11 Lennon/McCartney songs on this album were written mainly by John. And how do I know that? Well, at first you can hear it on their records, who´s singing lead and the melody, but that doesn´t always work so to be sure, you can all read about it in Barry Miles "Many Years From Now", where Paul talks about who wrote what, in every song refering to Johns own statement about the issue in different interviews. And as we all know there are in only two songs they disagree...

But why these songs. Well, a few are quite unknown but still favourites of mine, and I wanted to do a record with the sound and instrumentation I like, classical pop. "Not A Second Time", "All I´ve Got To Do", "It Won´t Be Long", are taken from "With The Beatles", released in the end of 1963. Their next album "A Hard Day´s Night", contributes with "Any Time At All", och "You Can´t Do That" and the following years´ "Help!", with the titletrack
and "You´re Gonna Lose That Girl". From "Rubber Soul", released in the end of that same year I´ve chosen "Nowhere Man", "Girl" och "Run For Your Life". And a less played track, "I Call Your Name" from the 1964-EP "Long Tall Sally".

And, if possible, to make any kind of contribution, I´ve picked three of my own little tunes, written with my favourite music and pop-group in mind, all the time, almost. "In Your Eyes", "Going Downtown" and "Bad Luck", which ends with a little `kick in the ass´ on the government, for their misbehaviour after a nature-disaster here in the `big´ city of Torps-hammar.
And I do all the singing, play all the instruments in my own `Woulf-studio´, recorded by myself in Boda City. I `still´ hope your experience will befilled with pleasure...

All the best! Ulf Lindeberg