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Hi, Hi, Hi! Lindeberg here!

New songs recorded with "Lindeberg feat. Malmström
"Anna Lee"
Inspired of the personality of the late Anna Lindh and the tributes that followed.......
On brilliant country-guitar, Johnny Malmström.

"Moving On"
One of my blues-"oriented" songs.
Kenneth Johnson on fantastick blues-influerad/hårdrocks-riffs-gitarr. (klicka på låt-titeln)

A few songs from Ulfs repertoire, HERE!

New demo-songs for you singers and artists!

New interview with Bill Wyman, by Ulf (here!), made for radio, transmitted 5th of October. Listen to it on (www.sr.se/Jamtland).

And Radio!
Latest program on Radio Jämtland:
Alanis Morissette: "Flavors Of Entanglement". Program no: 143. A few Beatles-news!
Listen to old programs here! (www.sr.se/Jamtland)

Latest Updates: 2008-10-31

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